Neuro-MEP 4 (or 8) channel EMG/EP Workstation

The 4-or 8-channel EMG & EP Workstation with a fully height-adjustable Cart supplied by Dantec Medical.

The Neuro-MEP 4 (or 8) channel EMG & EP is our workstation for standard EMG and Nerve Conduction studies with full expansion out to carry out Evoked Potential examinations.

It is available with a with a fully height-adjustable Cart and isolation transformer unit.

The basic software is a comprehensive package covering all of the main tests you would expect including: Motor, Sensory, F Wave, H Reflex, Spontaneous and Interference Pattern EMG, Motor Unit Potentials, MUNE, Single Fibre and Stimulated Single Fibre EMG and many more.

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Neuro-MEP Advantages - Modular Neurophysiology

The Neuro modules used to perform the EMG tests are connected via USB interface. This gives unprecedented and unmatched flexibility in building up your system

For example, adding an additional 4-channel amplifier unit to Neuro-MEP-4 provides an 8-channel digital system.

Premium Quality Amplifiers & Stimulators

The sampling rate of Neuro-MEP-4 amplifier is up to 160000 Hz per channel, A/D converter is 16 bits, bandpass is from 0.02 up to 10000 Hz.

Premium Quality Amplifiers & Stimulators

The electrical stimulator allows delivery of stimuli with a current intensity from 0.1 up to 100 mA with up to 50 Hz frequency. It is also possible to specify the stimulus shape: rectangular, meander, trapezium and sinusoid. The specification of our amplifiers and stimulator modules allows high quality curves to be obtained.

Optional Evoked Potential Package & Other Tests

Software is fully capable of a whole range of additional tests and techniques – particular Evoked Potentials. These include (but not limited to):

  • Brain Stem Audio EP (BSAEP)
  • Flash and Pattern Visual EP
  • Somatosensory EP (Upper and Lower)

We also have some other specialist techniques such as:

Premium Quality Amplifiers & Stimulators

  • Heart Rate Variability (HRV)
  • Sympathetic Skin Response
  • Blink Reflex
  • Tendon Reflex
  • Electroretinography (ERG)
  • Repetitive Stimulation