Neuro-MEP 4 (or 8) channel EMG/EP Workstation

4-channel NCS, EMG and multi-modality EP System

Main Features:  

  • Leading technology in amplification and stimulation 
  • Constantly expanding set of techniques possible
  • Multiple EP tests possible according to International standards
  • Modular architecture


The NeuroMEP 4 channels (left) and the NeuroMEP 8 channels (right)


Leading technology in amplification and stimulation
Each Neuro-MEP-4 amplifier demonstrates very low noise, quick artefact rejection and  interference filtering. The electrical stimulator has flexible stimulation output types: rectangular, meander, trapezium and sinusoid.

The specifications allow to recording of high-quality traces even when other devices cannot obtain a response.

Constantly expanding set of techniques possible 
We aim to provide neurologists, neurophysiologists, specialists in EMG diagnostics with acomplete set of reliable and innovative EMG techniques. The list of standard techniques is huge and is constantly expanding: 37 tests techniques from motor conduction study and F-wave to macro EMG and jitter.

Multiple EP tests possible according to International standards
Neuro-MEP-4/8 can perform an extensive list of evoked potential studies: AEP, SSEP, VEP, P300 etc. Neuro-MEP-4 has built-in stimulators to record EP of all modalities. The Neuro-MEP software makes this process quick and easy.

EMG According to International Standards
Using Neuro-MEP-4/8 you can perform almost all known EMG, NCS and EP techniques. In recent decades, technique standards are have been developed and established. There are special algorithms to study different pathologies, calculations intended for each test, reference values, etc. Neuro-MEP4/8 is equipped with all the techniques even if some of them are rarely used. The list of tests performed with Neuro-MEP-4/8 meet the high International standards of EMG and EP studies.

Modular Architecture

Neuro-MEP-4/8 consists of the following units:

  • 4-channel amplifier(s)
  • auditory-visual stimulator
  • electrical stimulator
  • wireless dedicated keyboard to control the test
  • Footswitch (Optional)

All electronic units are connected to the computer via USB. It allows them to be combined in a flexible way and arrange a configuration meeting the user’s requirements. 

It is possible to connect up to 10 different USB units in different configurations.