MMT Real-Time Bladder Scanner

The MMT Real-Time Bladder Scanner is the perfect choice if you are looking for a flexible Real-Time bladder scanner run by your computer.


The MMT Bladder Scanner is a beautifully designed Real-Time ultrasound probe that can be fully integrated with our Urodynamics platforms - DanFlow 2000/3000, Dantec Jive and Dantec Quickstep.

It can also run as a portable stand-alone device on a Windows tablet/desktop computer/laptops running Windows XP/7/8/10.

The MMT Real-Time Bladder scanner includes a USB driven probe and the software is installed on your computer to provide easy access to bladder volume calculation for estimated capacity measurements or non-invasive post-voiding residual estimation.

The user controls the scanning from a single-button on the Scanner or by using a mouse or touchscreen buttons (subject to where the device is setup). Post Voiding Residual (PVR) measurements are available within seconds.

There are three scan depth for different body types:

•  10cm – for paediatric use or very slim patients

•  16cm – for normal build adult patients

•  23cm – for larger or obese patients

Key Features

•  Single button control to start/stop the bladder scanning

•  No sonography skills or experience needed

•  Fully automated scanning in multiple planes from one position on the body

•  Auto-locating and auto-tracking tool of the bladder in real-time to assist accurate scanning

•  Manual override of bladder if required

•  Advanced signal and image processing for sharp and clear images

•  Full page reports in JPEG or DICOM formats possible

•  Automatic PVR calculation possible (pre-void/post void scan options)

•  Post-test quality indicators to verify scan quality and affirm results

•  Logging of all scans

•  Simulator to re-run previous scans for end user training purposes if required

•  Physiological anomalies that may alter volume calculation can be visualised