Dantec Jive

The new Dantec Jive Series of Urodynamics equipment caters for all your possible clinical needs.
The range has been developed by Clinicians for Clinicians and allows the following diagnostics to be delivered with consummate ease:

  • Uroflowmetry
  • Cystometry
  • Filling and Voiding Cystometry
  • Urethral Pressure Profiling (UPP)
  • Full Ultrasound (allows upper and lower urinary tract analysis) and bladder scanning for post-voided residual
  • Ano-Rectal Manometry software package

The Dantec Jive has a refreshing modular element to it meaning the end user can pick and choose the hardware required to deliver the desired Clinical diagnostic service required.

Dantec Jive-S (Smart Cart)

Features and System Options

  • Fully height adjustable (keyboard height 75cm to 105cm) – maximum system height 160cm
  • Light weight/small footprint cart
  • Wireless printing (laser or inkjet)
  • Windows 7® system for future proofing
  • Optional puller for profilometry
  • Wipe clean keyboard


JIve P Case-250

Dantec Jive-P (Portable)

Uses the software and urodynamics module from the main Dantec Jive models, but packaged in a protective transport case. Driven by a notebook/laptop to allow Urodynamic services to be taken into the community.

Dantec Jive-C (Couch)

The system incorporates the key modules of the Dantec Jive system and builds that into a 3-motor Urodynamics examination couch.

The Couch is fully X-ray compatible so can be used with a C-arm X-ray device.

Jive C-250
Pump Jive C-250
Dantec's Jive-C - Couch - close up of the pump.

Dantec Jive-AM (Anorectal Mamometry)

The Jive-AM is a special 8Channel manometry box for performing Anorectal manometry studies.
8 pressure channels allows for catheters with up to 8 pressure sensor inputs to be connected to the system – allowing for maximum flexibility in this niche area of GI Physiology.

For a demonstration, quote or even further discussion on the Urodynamics systems available from Dantec contact us here.

To complete your Jive Urodynamics system, why not include the Vitascan LT bladder scanner - allowing single button clicking to measure residual urine volumes or estimation of bladder capacity. Click the link for more information on the Vitascan LT