Dantec Kallan

The standard model in the Urodynamics range is the Dantec Kallan system.

Dantec Dynamics Kallan

The Dantec Kallan is a robust complete 8 channel Urodynamic system capable of multiple test protocols for Urodynamics, with the flexibility to augment additional functionality. This makes the Dantec Kallan one of the most versatile machines available on the market today.

There are eight channels available for various testing protocols; 4 pressure, 2 Uroflowmetry and 2 EMG channels.

Testing protocols available include:

The Dantec Kallan the robust complete 8 channel Urodynamic system
  • Uroflowmetry
  • Standard Cystometry
  • Filling & Voiding Cystometry
  • Video Urodynamics
  • Urethral Pressure Profiles (Profilometry)
  • 4 Channel Anorectal Manometry
  • Cavernosometry

Other procedures are available on request to Dantec.

Full analysis of testing is possible including PQ nomograms; Schaefer, Chess, PURR, LPURR, URA (ICS), URR and included in the report if required.

The infusion pole and pump are integral into the Dantec Kallan trolley, with Dantec's premium smooth 9-roller pump system to minimise artefacts seen in the Urodynamic traces.

The Dantec software interface on the Kallan is simple and intuitive to navigate through and is driven through an industrial grade computer for added reliability.

Dantec Kallan the complete 8 channel Urodynamic system with touch screen.

The Dantec Kallan is available with a reliable fully functioning touch screen as an optional extra, making the navigation through the easy-to-use software even easier.

Video Urodynamics

The Dantec Kallan can be upgraded to a standard Video Urodynamics package built in to the system and software extensions that allow the X-ray images to build into the report produced with the simple click of a mouse.
An alternative upgrade for Video Urodynamics is to increase the video graphics card for High resolution or digital image capturing for more modern X-ray machines.

Ultrasound & Urodynamics

One final option available to build in to the Urodynamics system is full Ultrasound capability. A variety of probes are available to allow simple calculations like residual volume in the bladder, through to detailed examination of the Upper and Lower Urinary Tract.

The software is installed onto the Industrial PC and a discreet Ultrasound processor is fitted to the trolley to allow the software to run alongside the Urodynamics program if required. The system works excellently in conjunction with the touch screen monitor.

More details on the Ultrasound range can be seen here. For a full brochure and technical specification, please contact Dantec.

To complete your Kallan Urodynamics system, why not include the Vitascan LT bladder scanner - allowing single button clicking to measure residual urine volumes or estimation of bladder capacity. Click the link for more information on the Vitascan LT