DICOM for Urodynamics

DICOM Connection to Electronic Medical Record (EMR) Systems

From April 2015, Dantec are able to offer full DICOM based connectivity to Hospital EMR systems, to improve the flow of information through the hospital network and create a linked record of a patient’s Urodynamics test results. This can include synchronising selected X-ray images taken during video urodynamics.

DICOM has been developed with our European manufacturing partner and a company specialising in this type of connection to PACS type systems.

The system is very economical to add on to your Urodynamics quotes and also available as a retro-fit option on any systems dating back to purchase from Dantec since 2008. This includes Kallan, Brenna, Acquanetta, Jive and Quickstep models.

(Please note we would need to review the computer specification of your current system to ensure it has enough power to cope with the extra resources for a network link).

Future proof your new system, or upgrade your old system to get the maximum functionality out of your Dantec Urodynamics machine.

For a price and further discussion please contact us or call 01275 375 333.