ECT Genie Software

Now Included With Each Thymatron® System IV At No Additional Cost - and with with Automatic Data Uploads.

Each Thymatron® System IV is now shipped with the sophisticatedectobrain-ii and easy-to-use Genie™ IV computer-automated 4-channel digital EEG monitoring and analysis system included at no extra cost. Designed to meet both your clinical and research needs, the Genie™ IV enables you to acquire, process and display on a PC computer up to 4 channels of raw or processed EEG, EMG and ECG via the Thymatron® System IV’s rear-panel RS232 serial port.

A Patient Information window allows you to create a comprehensive patient data file for each case directly from the computer keyboard, including virtually unlimited clinical descriptive information. You can print it out for the patient’s chart.

This remarkable teaching and research tool was designed and engineered to allow “hands on” use almost immediately. It is Windows compliant, enabling you to use all the familiar features of the Windows environment. Graph is a 4-channel digital monitor/analyser that replays raw EEG, ECG, and EMG as continuous tracings, exactly as printed by the Thymatron® System IV during a treatment session, with pushbutton artifact removal. Use Graph to monitor or replay a treatment session for teaching or clinical purposes, and to de-artifact a record prior to comprehensive analysis.

In addition, there are 2 tabular display windows, Bands and Spectrum:

  • Bands displays a frequency breakdown of the seizure, providing numeric values for absolute EEG power, relative EEG power, % - inter-hemispheric coherence, and % inter-hemispheric asymmetry for each of the 4 standard frequency bands (delta, theta, alpha, beta), - using either preset or user-defined values. Use Bands to assess inter-hemispheric symmetry in EEG amplitude and phase.
  • Spectrum displays each individual frequency band, providing a complete array of numeric values for absolute power, relative power, asymmetry, and coherence for each of 32 frequency points. Use Spectrum to measure cumulative inter-ictal frontal EEG slowing as a guide to treatment adequacy, as reported by the Columbia University group (Sackeim et al, 1996).

GENIE™ IV: The Only 4-Channel Digital Monitor With Full Hard-Copy Printout

FFT displays cumulative bar graphs of the frequency composition of the data averaged across an entire seizure, via a continuously updated, real-time, 32 bar breakdown of the fast Fourier transform analysis of the EEG from channels 1 & 2. Use FFT for a quick picture of the frequency response to an ECT session, and to measure interictal frontal delta activity as described below.