Neuro-MEPµM – 2 Channel EMG

EMG/EP Console 245Neuro-MEPµM is a 2-channel Portable Digital EMG & EP system, with built-in miniature Dedicated Keyboard and Electrical Stimulator.

It is a truly portable system – for use with or without a cart – in a hospital or outside in a smaller Medical unit.

Software modules included as standard are EMG, NCS and SSEP

This allows a great range of tests included with the standard software package including (but not necessarily limited to!) Motor, Sensory, F Wave, H Reflex, Spontaneous and Interference Pattern EMG , Motor Unit Potentials, Single Fibre and Stimulated Single Fibre – and many more.

High Quality of Acquisition

The device digitizes the incoming signals with 100 kHz sampling rate per channel at 24 bits ADC. It allows high-quality traces in any conditions. The speed and measurement accuracy of electrode impedance are also increased.

Electrical Stimulator with either 5 Pole DIN or Touchproof Outputs

EMG/EP Cart The built in electrical stimulator is shielded well from recording channels and includes connection allows two stimulating electrodes to be used simultaneously via either 5 Pole DIN or Touchproof outputs.

Driven shield Amplifier channels are optimized for needle EMG recording which allows the noise shielding to be considerably increased and with it the speed and quality of needle EMG data acquisition.

Optional Auditory and Visual Evoked Potentials

  • BSAEP possible including masking contralateral noise during auditory stimulation
  • VEP pattern-stimulator built in
  • Limited to Evoked Potentials requiring only 2 recording channels


EMG/EP Device The device is supplied with a 1.5” LCD screen enabling users to track all parameters and also check the electrode impedance during use.
The built-in dedicated keyboard has 7 extra ‘hot’ keys and joystick or alternatively the device can be used with a wireless external dedicated keyboard.