Heart Ultrasound Table

Sonesta 6122 Series

Heart Ultrasound table of the Sonesta 6122 Series distributed by Dantec Medical.

With the unique features available on the 6122 table, it is possible to perform a wide variety of examinations and procedures.Why be limited in your practice by a table that cannot do what you want, we can offer you a table that is designed for Ultrasound of the heart as well as Carotis examinations.

A side mounted back support now makes it simple to place the patient in an identical position time after time. With a foldable cut-out section for the heart it is simple to fasten under the backrest section, making a flat examination couch.

Assisted by an open and patented cantilever design, the unique height adjustment allows you to position your patient between heights of 50-110 cm. The minimum height allows easy comfortable access to the elderly and physically challenged. There is no need for any patient lifting devices or steps, the patient can sit down onto the table and the electrical motor raises them to a comfortable working level. Easy manoeuvrability allows quick and simple cleaning.
The back cushion can also be electrically adjusted from 0° to +42°. Trendelenburg positioning can be hydraulically adjusted to -24°. The flexibility of the adjustments makes for infinite patient positioning possibilities for the physician.

Each table comes with the standard accessories that you would expect, including hand control switch, adjustable paper roll holder and back support for keeping patients in a consistent and comfortable position when placed on their side.

A full range of accessories and options are available including battery back-up and foot control. A wide variety of cushion colours are also available.

Each table is manufactured in Sweden under strict quality controls. Our manufacturing site is an ISO 9002 registered facility and each table conforms to CE and MDD regulations. The product meets the requirements for electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) as shown in test results covering immunity and emissions in accordance with IEC 601-1-2.