Neuro MS/D – Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation from Neurosoft

Diagnostic uses for Magnetic Stimulation

Main Features:

  • Central and Peripheral motor pathways study
  • 7 coils of various designs depending on your needs
  • Peak magnetic field - up to 4 T
  • Delayed charging mode
  • Connection to computer via USB port

Central and Peripheral motor pathways study

Impulse magnetic fields generated by the Neuro-MS/D can easily pass through clothes, skin and bones. When impulse magnetic fields reach the nerve structures it induces an electrical current and can excite nerve structures. If EMG is recorded at this moment motor evoked potential (MEP) can be registered.

Using this approach cerebral, spinal and peripheral pathways can be studied. Such tests are especially important for studying patients with demyelinating diseases of nervous system, in particular, multiple sclerosis, tumorous and vascular lesions.

The Neuro MS/D magnetic stimulator can operate with EMG amplifiers of most manufacturers (through TTL/CMOS synchronization connectors).

Maximum diagnostic capabilities can be achieved if the device is used together with neurophysiological digital system manufactured by Neurosoft on its Neuro-MEP.NETΩ software platform.

Neuro-MEP.NETΩ has built in templates for wide range of TMS tests including:

  • Motor evoked potentials (MEP)
  • Central motor conduction time (CMCT)
  • Silent period (SP)
  • Interhemispheric inhibition (IHI or ipsilateral SP)
  • Triple stimulation test (TST)
  • Low and high-frequency rTMS
  • Stimulation of phrenic nerve for study of diaphragm response

To gain the most out of your Neuro MS/D setup, we strongly encourage you to consider buying a Neuro-MEP platform EMG device, which can be seen here.

Central and Peripheral Pathways

Study of root conduction time

Triple Stimulation test

7 coils to meet your clinical needs

For diagnostic tests there are 7 different magnetic stimulator coils including:

  • Ring coils
  • Figure-of-eight coils
  • Angulated figure-of-eight coils
  • Placebo coils

All coils are equipped with “Pulse” button and “Ready” indicator.

The shape of magnetic field, its penetration depth, stimulus number till overheating, maximal intensity of magnetic induction all depend on the type of coil used.

The broad range of coil types meets all kinds of diagnostic needs – focal stimulation, stimulation of large areas, stimulation of deep and superficial structures.

Peak magnetic field - up to 4 T

The peak magnetic field of Neuro-MS/D reaches 4 T, one of the highest values in the industry. Such intensity helps to get motor responses even in the most complicated cases.

Delayed charging mode

While working together with digital EMG system a delay for the capacitor charge start is set in the single pulse mode to avoid noise interference/artefact from the power supply unit during the acquisition. The range of the delay is 0–9.9 seconds.

Connection to computer via USB port

When used with Neurosoft EMG amplifiers, Neuro-MS/D can be connected to one computer system using a simple USB connection. Neurosoft is the only manufacturer in the industry which produces both professional EMG/NCS and TMS machines. It allows for full integration between TMS and EMG at very deep level. The EMG software can completely control all parameters of magnetic stimulator.

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