Neuro-Tox the compact device for EMG/STIM-guided injections supplied by Dantec Medical

Neuro-Tox is an easy to operate and use compact device for EMG/STIM-guided injections.

Neuro-Tox General Properties

Neurotox's electrical stimulator and EMG recorder supplied by Dantec Medical
  • Combination of electrical stimulator and EMG recorder in one unit
  • Localization of medication injection places by means of surface EMG recording or electrical stimulation
  • Indication of stimulation frequency and amplitude during the operation on the device front panel
  • Built-in speaker for EMG listening
  • Device compact size allows to place it in doctor's smock pocket and operate on it using the remote control unit
  • Touch-proof connectors for electrodes


Neuro-Tox is widely used in neurology and therapy:

Neuro-Tox devices for EMG/STIM guided injections supplied by Dantec Medical
  • in the elimination of any manifestations of muscle hyperactivity such as dystonia, spasticity, tremor and other hyperkinesias
  • in the treatment of focal forms of muscle dystonia including blepharospasm, cervical dystonia, spastic dysphonia, mogigraphia, oro-mandibular dystonia, manifestations of idiopathic torsion dystonia, strabismus
  • in the rehabilitation of patients suffering from cerebral spastic infantile paralysis, multiple sclerosis, consequences of craniocerebral injuries, spinal cord traumas, strokes

Additional applications include myofascial and vertebrogenic pain syndromes, tension headache, primary local hyperhidrosis, hyperfunctional wrinkles.

Neurotox's electrical stimulator and EMG recorder supplied by Dantec Medical

Neuro-Tox Delivery Set

  • “Neuro-Tox” electronic unit
  • Remote control unit
  • Headphones
  • Cable male-female, touch-proof (3 wires, shielded)
  • Cable for disposable electrode connection: “button” clip - touch-proof – 2 pcs.
  • Set of disposable ECG electrodes (50 pcs.) (Italy)
  • Charger with Ni-MH rechargeable batteries of AA type (R6)
  • Technical manual

More information

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