Device for EMG/STIM-guided Injections

Main Features: 

  • compact size and battery operated
  • electrical stimulator and EMG recorder in one unit
  • application in neurology, ophthalmology, rehabilitation and anaesthesiology
  • touch-proof connectors to plug in electrodes and injection needles
  • operating indicators and built-in speaker 

Compact Size and Battery Operated
Compact device dimensions (160×98×30 mm) allow easy use and transportation. Operational time from two AA type batteries is around 24 hours of actual use.

Electrical Stimulator and EMG Recorder in One Unit
Detecting the optimal injection site using surface/needle EMG and electrical stimulation is simple. 

Application in Neurology, Opthalmology, Rehabilitation and Anaesthesiology

  • for hyperkinesias including tremor, dystonia, spasticity
  • for focal forms of muscle dystonia including cervical dystonia, mogigraphia and other forms of professional spasms, blepharospasm, oro-mandibular dystonia, idiopathic torsion dystonia
  • for rehabilitation of patients suffering from cerebral spastic infantile paralysis, multiple sclerosis, consequences of craniocerebral injuries, spinal cord traumas, strokes
  • for myofascial and vertebrogenic pain syndromes, tension headache, primary local hyperhidrosis, hyperfunctional wrinkles and neurocosmetic defects
  • stimulation is sometimes used together with ultrasound diagnostics (double navigation technique) to ensure effectiveness and safety of conduction anesthesia
  • for combination therapy of detrusor sphincter dysynergia and overactive bladder syndrome 

Touch-proof Connectors to Plug in Electrodes and Injection Needles
To plug in electrodes and injection needles the device uses touch-proof connectors complying with industry-specific standards. You can connect a wide range of electrodes and needles of different manufacturers.

Operating Indicators and Built-in Speaker
The stimulation frequency and amplitude during operation is displayed on the front panel of the device. It also has an integrated speaker for output of live EMG signals. Using audio data you can easily detect the muscle site with maximum tension.