Dantec sign new distribution agreement for Vitacon bladder scanners

November 27, 2013

Dantec Dynamics Ltd is pleased to announce the signing of a new agreement to be the exclusive distributor for Vitacon bladder scanning equipment into the UK.

The Vitacon range centres on the Vitascan LT device – a portable USB driven device including software to measure/estimate bladder capacity and residual urine volumes post voiding.

The system can be set up and installed on any computer running Windows XP or above and therefore is a cost effective way of converting existing equipment into having added bladder scanning function.

It can also be supplied on an ergonomic cart system that can be operated via a Medical tablet PC and wheeled around a Department or Ward to be used in situ with the patients.

Easy-to-use device

End users do not need to be ultrasound experts to use this easy-to-use device. It works on a classic single-button-click approach – with one press of the button to locate the bladder and then a second click to start fully automated measurements – the system could not be any easier to use.

It also has the added advantage of being able to fully visualise the bladder on the screen, rather than a ‘best guess’ of being in the correct position for accurate scanning.

For more information, visit our product pages or Contact us to arrange a demonstration with one of our team.