Vitascan LT – first class accurate bladder scanning

September 26, 2014

Dantec are continually working with its partners to bring you the best products and new improved features.

The latest system to receive an update is the Vitascan LT Bladder Scanner

The update includes operating on the powerful Cybermed T10 Medical Grade Tablet PC.

This powerful tablet packs in plenty of resources for such a compact Medical tablet, including:

  • 9.7” LCD touchscreen
  • Windows 7(or 8)
  • 4Gb RAM
  • Built in WiFi/Bluetooth
  • Gigabit speed Ethernet port for networking
  • Fan-less Intel processor

Multi-Functional Bladder Scanning

Whether using the Vitascan LT on a Urodynamics system or as its own stand-alone device in the Wards, Accident and Emergency, Operating Theatres, Outpatients or Community Setting – the Vitascan offers some ‘best in class’ levels of accuracy.

What sets the device apart from the competition is the actual real time ultrasound bladder images on screen – rather than only a computer generated image/impression of where the bladder is located in relation to the probe.

User Feedback

Based on user feedback over the last 12 months, Vitascan LT has launched a new version of software with some improved features including:

  • Greater control over scan depth for variable BMI patients and or paediatrics
  • Clear button to identify patients with hysterectomy


The Vitascan LT comes with a whole range of flexible setup options including:

  • Height Adjustable cart
  • Laptop
  • Medical Grade Tablet
  • As part of a Urodynamic system
  • Fitted to any other device you may have running Windows XP Service Pack 2 or above

Dantec are willing to come and show the device to you and even arrange a short term loan whilst you evaluate yourselves what a great and cost effective addition this can be to your practice.

To arrange for either a quotation and/or product demonstration Contact us to register your interest.