Superior Quality at an affordable price

The Goldline™ needle has been developed for Electromyographic studies, the development has focus on optimal signal quality and excellent noise reduction this is achieved by using a Platinum/Iridium core with a Gold plated cannula.

Dantec are pleased to introduce a new range of Disposable Concentric EMG Needle Electrodes:

Goldline™ Disposable Concentric EMG Needle Electrode

New DCNE -goldline-200


  • Platinum-Iridium Electrode core
  • Gold Plated cannula
  • Gold Plated connector – orientation free coaxial
  • Matching material properties of cannula & core wire
  • Recording area indicator
  • Machined sharpened Trocar tip
  • Colour coded hub designed to market standard


  • Optimal signal quality & excellent noise reduction
  • Painless skin penetration
  • Easy manoeuvring
  • ‘Hands-free’ disposal of needle from cable
  • Friction reduction during insertion
  • Reduces patient discomfort during muscle contraction
  • Packaging designed to save shelf space
  • Reduces noise levels to a minimum


B50035-001 25mm 0.30mm Red 30G RED
B50035-002 25mm 0.40mm Yellow 27G YELLOW
B50035-003 37mm 0.45mm Green 26G GREEN
B50035-004 50mm 0.45mm Blue 26G BLUE
B50035-005 75mm 0.60mm Violet 23G Violet

To be used with DCNE extension cable D64-551