Telemed Ultrasound

Dantec have been working for many years with Telemed Ultrasound systems. Telemed have a comprehensive range of high quality and cost effective USB driven ultrasound devices – making Ultrasound available to many UK Universities for various research projects.


ArtUs is Telemed's very compact and highly powerful application-based ultrasound device. 


  • High-speed USB3.0 interface - allows increased scanning speed without compromising image quality 
  • Real-time transfer of RF ultrasound data to a PC
  • New "WideView" imaging mode maximizes viewing area for linear, convex and endocavity transducers 
  • Improved spatial compound available for linear and convex transducers, parallel beamforming, harmonics, B-steer imaging. 
  • High-density and high-frequency transducers delivering detailed, rich and wide dynamic range images 
  • Software features include Echo Wave II with Speckle noise reduction as a standard package 
  • Optional research package: Software Development Kit (SDK) library and advanced data processing and visualisation procedures for MATLAB environment.

ArtUs is available in the following variants:

  • ArtUs EXT-1H Kit, a beam former module with a single probe connector and power supply
  • ArtUs EXT-2H Kit, a beam former module with two probe connectors and power supply (in development)
  • Advanced synchronisation (option), provides up to 6 trigger signals to/from external equipment through additional connectors
  • RF data access (option) using Telemed's SDK and MATLAB

ArtUs is available with the below selection of probes:




The ClarUs EXT-1M ultrasound system offers system flexibility and the following features:

  • High quality color Doppler imaging system
  • Wide range of linear, convex and microconvex transducers 
  • Great expansion potential as your practice needs grow
  • Uncompromising quality imaging 
  • Precision measurements, storage, recall and convenient communication capability
  • Variable frequency and focusing 
  • Extended cine memory 
  • Ability to output your data into a variety of formats  

ClarUs EXT-1M Kit includes:

  • ClarUs EXT-1M beamformer
  • ultrasound transducer
  • USB cable
  • 100~240 VAC, 50~60 Hz power supply (EN60601-1)
  • AC power cable
  • software, assembly and set-up manual, operation manual (supplied on USB memory)

  ClarUs is available with the below probes: 


 The SmartUs is a new innovative generation of high performance PC-based ultrasound Echo Colour Doppler system. 

 Its open architecture platform includes the last advancements of TELEMED Ultrasound Beamforming Technology. 

Scanning modes:

  • B, B+B, 4B, B+M, M
  • CFM Color Flow Mapping
  • PDI Power Doppler
  • DPDI Directional Power Doppler
  • PW Pulsed Wave Spectral Doppler
  • CW Continuous Wave Spectral Doppler
  • HPRF High Pulse Repetition Frequency
  • Duplex (B+PW/CW)
  • Triplex B+Color Doppler+PW/CW

 Available with one, two or three probe ports.

 The system supports a wide range of new generation transducers, with high density elements, wideband and multi-frequency from 1.0 MHz to 18.0 MHz:

  • Convex
  • Linear
  • Sector Phased Array
  • Endocavity

The SmartUs contains the latest technological innovations developed by TELEMED: 

  • Spatial Compound Imaging
  • B-Steer Imaging
  • WideView Imaging
  • iTHI - Tissue Harmonic Imaging with Pulse Inversion technology
  • High-speed software image Processing
  • Digital Doppler Multi-Beam Processing
  • One-Touch Image Optimization
  • Advanced Speckle Reduction Imaging
  • RAW-Data
  • Image Enhancement

 The high PRF and the Digital Doppler multi-beam processing allow Colour, Power and Spectral Doppler examinations, with very high sensitive and frame rate. The SmartUs is equipped with Echo Wave II software. This includes free upgrades downloadable from the Internet at any time.

 The SmartUs has a broad range of probes available, seen below: