Thymatron System IV ECT System

The Thymatron System IV is available with a four-channel printer for recording EEG/EMG/ECG and more-than meets the current Royal College of Psychiatrists ECT recommendations and ensures that it will comply with future ones. The Thymatron System IV is also leading the way with new development and upgrades to the ECT machine such as the new Anaesthesia Depth Monitor and the Ultrabrief 0.25 ms pulsewidth stimulus that reduces cognitive side effects.

The system includes the following:

  • Adjust dose with a single dial
  • Prints 4 channels plus digital heart rate
  • Important EEG measures require no special training
  • Optimal stimulus automatically selected at every dose
  • Store entire treatment on palm or windows computer
  • Ultra-brief therapy at every stimulus dose

Starter Kit package provided with each new Thymatron

A sample ECT Report

11/15/02 07:38:59
% Energy set 45%
% Energy delivered 45%
Charge delivered 308 mC
Current 0.90 A
Stimulus Duration 7.2 sec
Frequency 70 Hz
Pulse Width 0.25 ms ec
Static Impedance 1440 ohms
Dynamic Impedance 260 ohms
EEG Siezure Endpoint 48 sec
EMG Endpoint 45 sec

PROGRAM: Optimal Charge Rate

Peak Heart Rate 128/min
Average Seizure Energy Index 72 µV2
Postictal Suppression Index 96%
Maximum Sustained Power 77841 µV2
Time to Peak Amplitude 33 sec
Maximum Sustained Coherence 95%
Time to Peak Coherence 33 Sec
Early Ictal Amplitude 133 µV
Midictal Amplitude 264 µV
Post-ictal Amplitude 10 µV

This sample ECT report of the Thymatron® System IV shows that the doctor set the % Energy dial to the patient's age of 45 years, yielding a 308 mC stimulus charge. The Optimal Charge Rate Program selected a 1/4 msec pulsewidth, 70 Hz frequency stimulus delivered over 7.2 sec. Prior to stimulus administration the impedance measured a safe 1440 ohms, which dropped to 260 ohms during stimulus delivery. The EEG seizure lasted 48 seconds. Peak seizure amplitude was reached at 31 sec, with a Midictal Amplitude of 264 µV, a Maximum Sustained Power of 77841 µV2, and an Average Seizure Energy Index of 72µV2 all reflecting strong seizure intensity.

Peak Interhemispheric Coherence reached at 33 sec was consistent with the seizure amplitude peak at 31 sec. The Maximum Sustained Coherence value of 95% reflected synchronous participation of both hemispheres in the seizure. The rapid drop of EEG seizure amplitude to 10 µV postictally yielded a high Postictal Suppression Index of 96%. Power Spectral Analysis was not enabled.

In summary, the record shows a synchronous, high-intensity, well-developed, and well-generalized EEG seizure pattern with a strong mid-ictal phase, pronounced postictal suppression, and a substantial tachycardia response—which is to say, an ECT-induced seizure of high expected clinical efficacy (Abrams, 2002).

More Information

You can download the following documents:
Read the full description and specifications of the ECT Thymatron SIV (Word file)
Quick-start User Guide for the existing Thymatron User (Word file)
The in-depth user guide including EEG recording electrode placement and Hand-Held electrode use (Word file) Or visit